castlefest logoSo it came to pass that in the beginning of August, the Year 7519 since this World was Made, we found ourselves yet again setting foot on the hallowed gardens of Castle Keukenhof, with the Lords and the Ladies and the Orcs and the Trolls and the Elves and the Vampires and the Savages and the Steampunks and such, an ever growing list of common, warrior and faerie folk, coming forth in the sun to be seen and recognized. And there was much feasting and rejoicing and happiness all around, for many were they and varied their costumes, and there was mead and ale to be had, and meats from the grill, and bread from the oven, and song and laughter from the minstrels and fools, and even the warlocks and witches, such as they were, refrained from casting curses that day, and hid their evil eye from sight of the common folk. And I, being of whim and inclination to share with you all this joyous event, and having spent coin aplenty on such imp-powered Gnomish contraption known by its arcane name of CanonPicturer, went forth and set said imps to work, with their coloured inks and their wee paintbrushes. And the fruits of my labour I shall set here forthwith, pending leave from such Lords and Ladies that so graciously have lent their likeness to be pictured by the intrepid imps living in my Gnomish gizmo.

Or, if you prefer the announcement Twitter-style:

Been to #Castlefest 2011, great fun, pictures pending @

It’s probably going to take a little while, what with them being shot in RAW and needing developing and cropping and whatnot, but I hope to get a steady flow of pictures published on my deviantArt account in a few days. Stay tuned 🙂

Update: For all the people that ended up on this page while searching for Castlefest pictures, I’ll be posting my deviantArt submissions also here.

Steampunk fairyDryadMaikoThe immortalizerThe gentlemanMaris BroodTwi'lekRedSky captainNavigatorBlue-eyed gentlemanFeed the goblinsFired upWitch queenFrozen fireHello, lunchI am JealousyTemptress